Migrate to 3.0

Please follow the migration guides from matestack-ui-core and matestack-ui-vuejs first!

You can go through the dummy app to review the result of the miration here The dummy app was updated to Matestack 3 and Rails 7

JavaScript setup changed

Below you see the new version of mounting the Vue.js v3 driven matestack-ui-vuejs package with notes on how to add matestack-ui-bootstrap on top:


import "./stylesheets/application.scss"; // add this

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import MatestackUiVueJs from 'matestack-ui-vuejs'

import MatestackUiBootstrap from 'matestack-ui-bootstrap' // add this

const appInstance = createApp({})

MatestackUiBootstrap.registerComponents(appInstance) // add this

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {

ChartJs component (and any custom component) $refs definition and usage:

Defining Vue.js refs has changed:


class Components::ChartJs < Matestack::Ui::VueJsComponent
  vue_name "chart-js-component"

  # ...

  def response
    div class: "chart-container #{context.bs_class}",  style: "width: 100%; height: 100%;" do
      # documented before:
      # plain "<canvas ref='chart'></canvas>".html_safe
      # instead do:
      plain "<canvas matestack-ui-vuejs-ref=#{matestack_ui_vuejs_ref('chart')}></canvas>".html_safe



const chartElement = this.$refs.chart // before
const chartElement = this.getRefs().chart // after (search above and replace)

More migration steps for ChartJs component required, see below!

Flatpickr component (and any custom component) $el usage


// flatpickr(this.$el.querySelector('.flatpickr'), { // old
flatpickr(this.getElement().querySelector('.flatpickr'), {
  defaultDate: this.props["init_value"],
  enableTime: (this.props["enable_time"] == true)

More migration steps for Flatpickr component required, see below!

Custom component (including ChartJs/Flatpickr) integration

The custom component defintion and integration has changed. Below you see on the example of the ChartJs component, what needs to be changed:


import Chart from 'chart.js';
import MatestackUiVueJs from 'matestack-ui-vuejs' // new package name!
// no Vue import here anymore

// no more Vue.component(...), define plain object here:
const chartJsComponent = {
  mixins: [MatestackUiVueJs.componentMixin], // new package name!
  template: MatestackUiVueJs.componentHelpers.inlineTemplate, // add this
  // ...

export default chartJsComponent // add export

and then in your application.js file:

import chartJsComponent from '../../matestack/components/chart_js.js'// import component definition from source

const appInstance = createApp({})

appInstance.component('chart-js-component', chartJsComponent) // register at appInstance


document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {

Admin template class

  • Matestack::Ui::Bootstrap::Apps::AdminTemplate is now Matestack::Ui::Bootstrap::Layouts::AdminTemplate

--> Search & Replace

Manually including the registry is not longer required

  • include Matestack::Ui::Bootstrap::Registry can now be removed as it the component will be automatically available when installing matestack-ui-bootstrap

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