The Bootstrap input form component, implemented in Ruby. Use it like any of the other matestack form components in your apps, pages and components. It offers customizable options to simply achieve what is possible in Bootstrap with this component. See below for more information about the configuration options.

bs_form_input(*args, &block)

Renders a Bootstrap input field.

Optional options

  • type - Defaults to :text, can be set to :range or :file

  • label - Expects a string, gets displayed before the select menu

  • form_text - Expects a string, gets displayed after the select menu

  • disabled - If set to :true, the input field is set to disabled and clicking them doesn't yield any effect

  • browse_button_text - Expects a string and sets the text to be displayed in the "browse" button for the :file input

  • placeholder - Expects a string to be displayed as a placeholder for whatever the user decides to choose for the :file input. Defaults to "Choose file"

  • variant - Expects a symbol to change the size of the select menu, you can use either :sm or :lg

  • min - Sets the corresponding HTML attribute

  • max - Sets the corresponding HTML attribute

  • step - Sets the corresponding HTML attribute

  • show_value - Expects a boolean. Defaults to false, if set to true it displays the current value for the corresponding :range input type field


Basic usage for text input

bs_form_input key: :foo, type: :text

Basic usage for float number input

bs_form_input key: :foo, type: :number, step: 0.01

Basic usage with label and form text

bs_form_input key: :foo, type: :text, label: "Input field", form_text: "some notes"

Basic usage as disabled input

bs_form_input key: :foo, type: :text, disabled: true


Basic usage with custom class

bs_form_input key: :foo, type: :text, class: "some-class"

Basic usage with placeholder

bs_form_input key: :foo, type: :text, placeholder: "fill!"

Basic usage as range input

bs_form_input key: :some_range_input, type: :range, max: 10

Using range input with show_value and non-default steps

bs_form_input key: :some_range_input, type: :range, step: 2, max: 10, show_value: true

Basic usage as file input

bs_form_input key: :some_single_file_input, type: :file

File input with non-default size and optional form_text

bs_form_input variant: :lg, form_text: "just some notes", key: :some_single_file_input, type: :file

Multi-file input with placeholder and browse_button_text

bs_form_input placeholder: "Select a file", browse_button_text: "Click", key: :some_multi_file_input, type: :file, multiple: true

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