The Bootstrap checkbox form component, implemented in Ruby. Use it like any of the other matestack form components in your apps, pages and components. It offers customizable options to simply achieve what is possible in bootstrap with this component. See below for more information about the configuration options.

bs_form_checkbox(*args, &block)

Renders one (nil/true/false) or multiple (array of selected values) bootstrap checkbox input fields.

Optional options

  • options - Expects an Array or Hash of selectable options

  • label - Expects a string, gets displayed before the first input field

  • form_text - Expects a string, gets displayed after the last input field

  • disabled - If set to :true, the checkbox input fields are set to disabled and clicking them doesn't yield any effect

  • variant - If set to :inline, the wrapping div is displayed as inline-block instead of the default block


Example 1: Basic usage with single checkbox field

bs_form_checkbox label: "Single checkbox", key: :some_checkbox_input

and sends

"some_checkbox_input"=>nil # or true, if the input has been clicked or false if the input was clicked again

to the corresponding Controller.

Example 2: Basic usage with an Array

bs_form_checkbox key: :foo, options: [1, 2]

Example 3: Basic usage with a Hash

bs_form_checkbox key: :foo, options: { "Option 1": 1, "Option 2": 2 }

Example 4: Using a label

bs_form_checkbox key: :foo, options: [1, 2], label: "Some label"

Example 5: Using a form_text

bs_form_checkbox key: :foo, options: [1, 2], form_text: "some notes"

Example 6: Using the disabled option

bs_form_checkbox key: :foo, options: [1, 2], disabled: true

Example 7: Using the :inline variant

bs_form_checkbox key: :foo, options: [1, 2], variant: :inline

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