Installation & Update


Add 'matestack-ui-core' to your Gemfile

gem 'matestack-ui-core', '~> 3.0.0'

and run

$ bundle install

Matestack folder

Create a folder called matestack in your app directory. All your Matestack layouts, pages and components will be defined there.

$ mkdir app/matestack

Controller setup

Add the Matestack helper to your controllers. If you want to make the helpers available in all controllers, add it to your ApplicationController :


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  include Matestack::Ui::Core::Helper

Now, you are able to create UI components in pure Ruby and use them in your Rails views. Additionally you can substitute Rails views and layouts with Matestack pages and layouts.


Ruby Gem

Depending on the entry in your Gemfile, you might need to adjust the allowed version ranges in order to update the Gem. After checked and adjusted the version ranges, run:

bundle update matestack-ui-core

and then check the installed version:

bundle info matestack-ui-core

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