Matestack Ui Core - Boost your productivity & easily create component based web UIs in pure Ruby.

Version 3 was released in February 2022. Click here for more details

Most important changes:

  • Split matestack-ui-core into matestack-ui-core and matestack-ui-vuejs

  • Rails 7 support

  • Vue 3 support in matestack-ui-vuejs

You're reading the docs for 3.0 --> If you want to see the docs for Version 2.1, click here


matestack-ui-core enables you to craft maintainable, component based web UIs in pure Ruby, skipping ERB and HTML. UI code becomes a native and fun part of your Rails app. It can progressively replace the classic Rails-View-Layer. You are able to use it alongside your Rails views.


matestack-ui-core is automatically tested against:

  • Rails 7.0.1 + Ruby 3.0.0

  • Rails 6.1.1 + Ruby 3.0.0

  • Rails 6.1.1 + Ruby 2.7.2

  • Rails + Ruby 2.6.6

  • Rails + Ruby 2.6.6

Rails versions below 5.2 are not officially supported.

Getting Started

Start right away and install matestack-ui-core on top of your Rails app:

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