Onclick Component API

The onclick component renders an a tag that emits a client side event when the user clicks on it. Other component may react to this event.

The onclick component takes a block in order to define its appearance.


emit - required

Takes a string or symbol. An event with this name will be emitted using the Matestack event hub.

You currently cannot pass in an event payload.

&block - required

The passed in block defines the appearance of the onclick component. The UI structure defined in this block will be wrapped with an a tag.


Emitting an event which triggers an asynchronous rerendering via async

class ExamplePage < Matestack::Ui::Page

  def response
    onclick emit: "abc" do
      button "rerender something"
    async rerender_on: "abc", id: "some-unique-id" do
      plain "Rerender this text when the 'abc' event is emitted #{DateTime.now}"


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