Core Team

Current core team members

Matestack heavily relies on a decent amount of time and energy following people invest into feature implementation, testing, documentation and communication without getting paid for it. Feel like sponsoring?

Jonas Jabari

Role: Creator of Matestack, Job: Self-employed software developer/founder @Matestack GmbH

Mail:, Twitter: @jonasjabari, Website:

Location: Nuremberg, Germany, Languages: German/English

For years Jonas struggled with increasing complexity of web app development caused by adding a JS frontend application instead of using the UI layer of Rails. He decided to fight against this complexity and created Matestack back in 2018 enabling Rails developers to implement reactive UIs in pure Ruby while enjoying highest developer happiness.

Keith Rowell

Role: Core team member since 2021, Job: Self-employed software developer/founder @Sunstone Solutions

Location: Brisbane, Australia, Languages: English/German

Twitter: @rowellkeith

Keith discovered Matestack in early 2021 and was hooked right away. He has been developing software since the late 80s and moved into web development at the turn of the century. For twenty years he has dreamed of being able to develop component-based UIs in ruby and now that reality is here. An email and a video call later, Keith and Jonas decided to work closely together to push Matestack forward. He describes Matestack as the most exciting thing he's seen in the software world since discovering Ruby.

Former core team members

Following awesome people have been a very important member of the Matestack core team in the past. Thank you!

Nils Henning

Role: Core contributor since 2020, Job: Software developer @Otto Group Solution Provider (OSP) GmbH

Location: Dresden, Germany, Languages: German/English

Nils was employed at Matestack as a part-time working student from 2019 to 2020. He helped to finalize the 1.0 release and massively shaped the core rewrite leading to the 2.0 release. Additionally he wrote his master's thesis about performance optimizations of server-centric web applications (e.g. built with Matestack) which will result in an addition to Matestack in the future. We're grateful that Nils was part of the team!

Pascal Wengerter

Role: Core contributor since 2018, Job: Software developer @ownCloud GmbH

Twitter: @pascalwengerter, Website:

Location: Lisbon, Portugal, Languages: German/English

Pascal co-founded Basemate, a software service agency together with Jonas Jabari back in 2018. He handled clients and operations as well as maintaining and raising the community around the first versions of Matestack, which was born at Basemate back then. Without him taking care of all the small details and pushing Jonas speaking at conferences about Matestack, the project might never been able to grow until today. Thank you for being a supporter of the project until today!

Important contributors

Matestack would not be where it is right now if these mates have not helped making it better:

Sebastian Fiedlschuster & Tobias Pfeiffer

Back in 2020, Tobias and Sebastian were hired as external freelancers to help Jonas refactor the early 0.7 version of Matestack. They designed and implemented a new core architecture building the foundation of the 1.0 release. It was a pleasure to work with them and we're happy that we had a chance to use their expertise around Ruby! Hopefully our paths might cross in future again!

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