Welcome to Matestack

Version 3 of all Matestack Gems were released in February 2022

Most important changes:

  • Split matestack-ui-core into matestack-ui-core and matestack-ui-vuejs

  • Rails 7 support

  • Vue 3 support in matestack-ui-vuejs

What is Matestack?

Matestack - a UI framework for Rails - enables Rails developers to craft maintainable, component based web UIs in pure Ruby. UI code becomes a native and fun part of your Rails app.

--> Use more Ruby and less of everything else (ERB/HAML/SLIM, JavaScript, CSS).

Why? Because Ruby is just beautiful! More Ruby = More developer happiness = Higher productivity

Matestack currently offers three open source Ruby gems:

  • matestack-ui-core ships all you need to to craft maintainable, component based web UIs in pure Ruby.

    • Compatible with any styling and reactivity system, including Hotwire and StimulusReflex for example

    • You have to take care of reactivity and styling yourself

  • matestack-ui-vuejs ships all you need to build reactive UIs in pure Ruby orchestrating prebuilt Vue.js components with a simple Ruby DSL

    • requires matestack-ui-core

    • prebuilt reactive components covering typical features of a reactive web UI, such as async form submission, dynamic page transitions or async partial UI updates

    • highly extensible via pure Vue.js if required

    • You have to take care of styling yourself

  • matestack-ui-bootstrapships all you need to build beautiful, reactive UIs in pure Ruby and smart CRUD components based on Bootstrap v5.

    • requires matestack-ui-core and matestack-ui-vuejs

    • Don't think about reactivity and styling anymore, just create admin or application UIs faster than ever before!

Share feedback, get support and get involved! Join our growing community, get to know the core team and learn how to contribute in order to make Matestack better every day!

Live Demo

Based on matestack-ui-core , matestack-ui-vuejs and matestack-ui-bootstrap this reactive dummy app was created in pure Ruby without writing any JavaScript, ERB/HAML/SLIM and CSS: (check it out | source code)

Getting Started

Read more about the Ecosystem and jump into the install guides of the separate Gems from there!

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