Matestack UI Core Docs

Welcome to the docs of the Ruby gem matestack-ui-core!

Matestack enables you to craft maintainable web UIs in pure Ruby, skipping ERB and HTML. UI code becomes a native and fun part of your Rails app. Thanks to reactive core components, reactivity can be optionally added on top without writing JavaScript, just using a simple Ruby DSL.

You end up writing 50% less code while increasing productivity, maintainability and developer happiness. Work with pure Ruby. If necessary, extend with pure JavaScript. No Opal involved.

The docs cover following main topics:


Learn how to properly set up and update matestack-ui-core with your existing Rails application.

UI components in pure Ruby

Craft your UI based on your components written in pure Ruby. Utilizing Ruby's amazing language features, you're able to create a cleaner and more maintainable UI implementation.

Reactive components in pure Ruby

Optional feature

What about going even one step further and implement REACTIVE UIs in pure Ruby? Matestack's reactive core components can be used with a simple Ruby DSL enabling you to create reactive UIs without touching JavaScript!

Reactive apps in pure Ruby

Optional feature

The last step in order to leverage the full Matestack power: Create app (~Rails layout) and page (Rails ~view) classes and implement dynamic page transitions without any JavaScript implementation required.

In order to get started quickly, you might want to start with the getting-started-guide