Guides overview

Welcome to the matestack-ui-core guides! In here, we cover various use cases of this library, along with examples and explanations.

Note: * These guides/docs are written for >= 1.0.0. If you're looking for the docs for older releases, please have a look at the github repo itself within /docs and select the desired version tag. * Most of the guides are currently in progress. Please be patient while we do our best to create content while releasing a stable 1.0.0 release which will happen this September


Learn how to properly set up matestack-ui-core with your existing Rails application - we cover both the AssetPipeline and Webpacker in this guide.


These series of guides introduces you to matestack step by step. We start of by creating a rails app and subsequently implement a basic CRUD app using matestack. Afterwards we dive deeper into matestacks functionalities giving you a great starting point and a good introduction. At the end we provide guides on how to work with devise and deploy your application to heroku.

This guide is split into several parts building upon each other. It is intended to be a work along guide. Feel free to adapt things to your needs.

You can start with the first article.


If you're looking into contributing to this project, please take a look at the Contribution Guide - there, we cover everything from guidelines to basic concepts and the local development setup.