Core Team [WIP]

Who's behind Matestack?

Currently it's basically just me: Jonas I'm a passionated Ruby developer commited to put everything I have into creating sustainable Ruby gems simplifiy web software development for developers around the world.

I'm offering Rails/Vue.js/Matestack development/consulting services and at the same time creating open source Ruby gems. The revenue earned from the services is used to invest more time implementing and maintaining gems and documentation.

Why I do what I do

I'm a passionated Ruby developer. In specific: I love to create web applications based on Ruby On Rails. In order to create dynamic, app-like web applications, I started to create fullblown JavaScript applications and reduced Rails to a pure JSON API. Using this common approach, compared to the classic single-repo MVC structure, I increased the complexity in my development by introducing a separate full-blown frontend framework. Implementing two separate systems (backend-api, frontend-app) is a pain: Two different code bases, two repositories to maintain, two different deployment schedules, two test environments, two everything...! And then add native app development for iOS and Android on top of that! Always working in a small dev team, I decided not to adopt this modern web development complexity and decided to create... matestack-ui-core!

matestack-ui-core enables a Rails developer to create sophisticated web UIs in pure Ruby without touching JavaScript and HTML/ERB. You end up writing 50% less code while increasing productivity, maintainability and developer happiness. I love it and want to share that gift with other Ruby developers around the world.

The main goals are:

  • Reduction of complexity of modern web development, moving front and backend closer together

  • More maintainable UI code, using a component-based structure written in Ruby

  • Increased development speed and happiness, offering prebuilt UI-Components for typical requirements

  • Modern, dynamic UI feeling without the need to implement a separate JavaScript Application